About Us

What we’re about

Teens Earn Affiliate program has been catering to teens since 2008 we pay affiliates per visit that they acquire. We work closely with alot of companies to provied this advertisement system Teens Earn is the #1 Teen Affiliate Network. Its easy to get started just go to our Sign Up! page and start sharing with your friends !

How we operate

Teens Earn has a threshold that has too be reached in order to cashout your money. You’re able to cashout via Cash/Cheque , PayPall , and Wire Transfer. You can see earnings in your affiliate dashboard and once you reach threshold amount you’ll be able to push cashout you will be able to change cashout route in settings if you ever need to.

Most affiliate networks make there affiliates wait a certain date to be able to cashout Teens Earn has an instant cashout system all you have to do is reach the threshold amount.


Teens earn provides the best dashboard for affiliates come with alot of tools that will be useful and will increase your own earnings. The dashboard also comes with a set of tips so you can get started easier. The dashboard will contain your Unique referral link. The unique referral link  will be used to track the amount of people you are bringing in. We have one of the best tracking systems and we’re also able to see Bot generated clicks and signups this may result in the termination od your affiliate account.